fireline crystal

Berkley® FireLine® Fused Crystal Line

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125 Yards  Crystal (nearer to "clear" in the water)

FireLine=SuperLine! The first Translucent SuperLine, FireLine Crystal was introduced in 2006 and took the world by storm. Thermally fused FireLine Crystalcombines the ultimate in low-underwater visibility with all of the FireLine benefits. Now we are re-launching the Next Generation of FireLine Crystal! Smoother and tougher than ever with the same powerful strength, smooth handling and fast-casting you know and love!

  • Thermally fused FireLine Crystal is smoother than ever - right out of the package!
  • The smooth handling superline - optimized for spinning reels

This is good line, I use if myself.  In offering it for retail I most often see fishermen struggling with the strength of the line.  When selecting a monofilament line, it makes sense to buy the heaviest line in strength for the task you want to complete.  If you are going to be casting 1/8 ounce Rooster tails, then a 4  or 5 lb. mono will give you good strength and casting distance with a light to ultra light rod. If you are only going to be trolling for walleyes in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, a 10 lb. test line will do the job and hold up reasonably well to the brutal conditions of snag, rock, and rough aluminum on your boat or canoe.  But that is mono.

When you move into a fused  or braided line made out of Spectra which is (aside from fishing nerds with techno talk) like a sort of Kevlar material for all effects and purposes, just because you use 8 pound mono does not mean you need to stick to 8 pound fuse or braid.    In fact, most 20 lb. braids are equal to 6 pound monofilament in diameter.  That means you can put on a 20 lb. test line on the same reel that used to hold 8 pound mono and it will cast and cut through the water like 6 pound test!   

So, long story short, you can put on stronger line and do a better job at what you are doing with this fancy stuff.  That being known and explained over and over in our store, I still get the head-scratching wonderment by fishermen who are looking at getting 8 lb. fuse or braid which is equal to  3/4 lb test in monofilament diameter.  That's like tying hair on your jig.  Plus, you are confusing apples with oranges.

So don't sit there and worry about it.  Pick a 12, 14 or 20 and slap it on your reel.  Just remember that if you go heavier than 20, it becomes ridiculously hard to break.  Plus, NEVER touch the line and pull.  You'll pay a price out in the boat.  Wrap it around your pliers or a dowel and then pull.  

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